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Monday, December 21, 2009

love FanFiction <3
these days obsessed with fan fiction !! LOL

SNSD and DBSK geh <3<3

plus poppy and bunny is writing them !! OMO !

im so happy that i have such talented frens ( now only know =X )


im so sad because i cant go snsd's asia tour in SEOUL ...



omg...i cant blive it !!


fml x 100000


imma going to HELL !!

aigoo ah ~

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11:25 PM
Friday, December 11, 2009

GRAT!! saranghae ~

their perfomance today...oh nop...yesterday..now it's already 1.30am!!

OMG ~ my Kwon seobang !! <3<3<3 and and and SooYoung unnie !! <3>

hehe..random post ~

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1:19 AM
Sunday, December 6, 2009

the YURISM again ! =D

watched this video just now ~


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11:30 PM
Saturday, December 5, 2009



age 20 d ~~

not getting old of cuz =D


hope her group SNSD bcome more famous and very famous

yuri ah yuri ah <3


omo ! so pwetty

nice legs =D

awww~ <3


YulTI ~~ sweetttttttt


owh, this is ntg related about yuri..just added it cuz my pany VERY PRETTY! the left one i mean

here comes the power of 9 ~~ mwahahahahaha

almost 12 le~

wanted to finish this post b4 12am


again ~

happy birthday to my yuri ~ =P

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11:31 PM
Wednesday, December 2, 2009

LMAO ...umma / dongsaeng


when bunny saw this..

she would probably kill me for this.. *i guess*

i think that i confused our dongsaeng Ying about...

the correct meaning of Umma / Omma

dont you think Umma / Omma sound alike to ah ma ? which means mother...

and the exactly meaning of Umma / Omma is...

yes MOTHER!!

I've been calling Bunny omma ...and we told bunny that word stands for younger sister =X

but she believed us LOLX

sorry ya bunny =P

oh..and i posted this post that sudden bcuz the end of the conversation btw me n bunny...

i said : must complete ur side bar of ur blog tmr ya umma =D
she replied : yes unnie

LOL! ...i cant stop laughing tho ==

even i m typing this post LMAO!!

let me explain some korean's word here LOL

if not u will blur when u read my post without this =D

Unnie = a younger girl calling a older girl ..which means sister la
Dongsaeng = younger sister or brother ..mean didi and mei mei
Umma / Omma = mother


and im going to influence more of my frens.. hehe

the POWER OF 9 !!!

without 9 , we're NOTHING!

hwaiting !!!~ <3

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11:43 PM