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Friday, May 29, 2009

kinda happy kinda sad

cuz holiday jor

cuz can hang out with my fren

can sleep more


sad feeling is more then happy

i cant online everyday

i feel sienz and alone in my house (last time wont)

i have to work...

i have to lie

i have to face it


this year i feel i m not lucky anymore


i hate 2009

can anything thing chg my mind?

try to chg my mind hating 2009..


everyday zzz


SIENZ AH!! even blogging oso sienz

duno y..


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8:27 PM
Wednesday, May 27, 2009

heh heh

exam over d lurh ~~~

everything back to 'normal' again lurh


holiday coming lurh ~ =DD (paiseh , i m always repeat the same thing )



have to finsih my hmk in this holiday

possible boh? LOL...

dunno ...hope loh....COMPLETE ALL HMK!!!

be hardworking a bit...

next exam dun cheat =DD

ops =X


enjoy ur holiday more important ~~ oh yea oh yea ^^

tml ==

got a 'lawatan' to zoo negara

for sivik project

they said have to help them sapu lantai or shit swt -.-'

wth lah....not feel like going leh wei....

yer...but wajib one worh...yer

haiz bo bian lah....--

gek sei me....

and today got a bit beh song sumone...

like she owned the whole SBPT's room jiang

screw her gao gao lek...

dun wan mention who lah...girl loh

'her' mah...heh heh

thn i gan gan complain to her boy

hahaha...how dare i m ~ =DD

wateva....juz telling what i wanna say... =P

and hor...

she is just a faker ~ ^^

awwwww , just pretending....make life simple can le ~ hohox

u guys sure curious about ..

y my computer spoiled d ...but i m posting everyday and online everyday

but hor...i online for less than 1 hours leh ok ? LOL..

and always steal my sis de computer==

yam gong de me ~~ but nvrm lah..can online can liao...

oh and another things ~

yesterday...i fetch ying, yan and er

HAHA~~so funny lah

i emergency brake mah...

thn the ying yan who siting behind sit geh...

screaming HAHAHAAH~~

thn i try the second time ngek ngek ~~

fun lerh ~~~


oh one more one more ,

what u said? u hate me a little bit?

but i have to tell u ..

i hate u more than u can imagine ! B.B

oh B.B stand for bastard - bitch

rmb be more gentlemen to all girls ah...

like gigolo =D

jia you ~


km ah km...

u very gud de i know... ngek ngek

dun kip secret from me la...

=P *sound so wrong *


ok la slip early ah ~ !! hahahaha


=DD mwahx luv u guys ~

p.s i wan cheong k and roller =D

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10:21 PM
Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I m so happy ~~
today so happy leh...

1.tml is the last day for mid year exam
2.can hang out with my bestie
3.my mum treat me very gud today $.$ haha yea she gave me money ...O.O


the thing that makes me laugh all the time is...


neh, last time my posts mentioned de MR.YAN ah =DD yea that bitch

the story begin,

ok i stay with my mum in her fren de stor there...

pasar malam de 'dang' lah...

then...that MR.YAN ,kar kheen and yoon kiat walking to our direction...

THEN!! the funny things happen..u know what his reaction?





paiseh,too excited jor =DD

i m so sry =P

oh and i saw yew ken , but i m too bad to say that


but one day, i sure u will forgiv what i said de ~~

jia you o...dun mad at me plz..

i m just telling u what i m thinking nia ~ =DD


i wan cheong k...who can belanja me ? =DD

jk ~~ happy holiday ah everyone ~ =DD


miss u guys ~ mwahx ~~!

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9:33 PM
Monday, May 25, 2009

Good Bye - Kristinia Debrage
Am I supposed to put my life on hold
Because you don't know how to act
And you don't know where your life is going
Am I supposed to be torn apart, broken hearted, in a corner crying?
Pardon me if I don't show it
I don't care if I never see you again
I'll be alright
Take this final piece of advice and get yourself together,
But either way baby, I'm gone
I'm so over it, I've been there and back
Changed all my numbers and just in case you're wondering
I got that new
I'm a single girl swag
Got me with my girls and we're singin' it
Na na na na, na na na na
Hey hey hey
Na na na na, na na na na
Hey hey hey
Cut my hair 'cuz it reminded me of you
I know you like the long 'do,
Had to switch my attitude up
Thinkin' of changing up how I ride, No more
On the passenger side
Too bad you miss out on the way that I drive i
tI don't care if I never see you again
I'll be alright
Take this final piece of advice and get yourself together,
But either way baby, I'm gone
I'm so over it, I've been there and back
Changed all my numbers and just in case you're wondering
I got that new
I'm a single girl swag
Got me with my girls and we're singin' it
Na na na na, na na na na
Hey hey hey
Na na na na, na na na na
Hey hey hey
Hey hey, hey hey hey
I'm so over it, I've been there and back
Changed all my numbers and just in case you're wondering
I got that new
I'm a single girl swag
Got me with my girls and we're singin' it
Na na na na, na na na na
Hey hey hey
Na na na na, na na na na
Hey hey hey
Na na na na, na na na na
Hey hey hey
Na na na na, na na na na
Hey hey hey
p.s yes i like this song

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5:58 PM

i m happy..

very very happy

exam end soon...

oh yea oh yea

n holiday cuming soon

oh yea oh yea


my purse ...

sure very cham le..

bcum skinnier ..LOL

cuz holiday i got a lot place to go leh

with my bestie bestie


very very very happy...

bt i promised myself that

i muz finish my hmk in this holiday LOL

clean my room..

kemas my room


im waiting for it...


2 week de holiday ah ~~~~


no fren = no life


but i still cant buy a new computer...

how sad T.T

i m using my stupid old lap top..

damn lag!! i dun like it at all

c u guys ~

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2:23 PM
Friday, May 22, 2009

Brand New Days

really hopes i can get a brand new days..

feels so alone...




oh....today ...sej paper 2...oh yea ...FAIL~~~~

i nvr do any revesion AT ALL!!

leave it blank ==

not all ....but mostly...

ahhh dun wan talk about that anymore...

always post the same thing..

u not sienz i oso sienz lah XD hehe


since i cant online EVERYDAY now...

so i have to post it with EXTRA lenght...ngek ngek

cuz i got a lot thing to post about...

let's get it STARTED!!! LOL...

yesterday, got tuition...

laughing all the time...talking all the time...

having fun yesterday...

at least wont boring mah right?


ONE of my fren...

LOL...she is turning *senget*

not to mention but...

i think that's fun ~!



about today...

we go yam cha...after skul..

and i get my jolin's newest album..AND TICKET TOO~~~

soooohappy...but...dont have picha T.T

cuz i dun have camera or phone to snap picture...damn it...

anyways, i hope i can get her signature ~~~HAHA

thanks san alot ~~ cause she is the one who helping to get the tickets...=DD YAY~~


oh...and i m so happy that they finally make it...

they deserve that..cuz no fren no life right?haha



copy cats...

really annoying..

if i were bunny...

i cant tahan oso..

they just copy + paste.. LOL?

pity them...

hope them can b more CREATIVITY...


later 12am+++

LOL yea midnight !!

guess where i m going ? LOL...

going to sumwhere that can enjoy the view of KL...* i dunno where is it *

LOL...and western food==


boh bian...i wanna go ~ =DD

with my mama and uncle lah

mayb u guys thinks that i m a lightbulb..but i dont k !!

cuz i nvr go there b4 mah...!! see how romantic mah...

next time can go there with my partner ~ =P


WTH!!! NO WAY!!!



Y? LOL...today i watched the AD stand for american idol...

plus bunny told me yest....i was so shocked...

and lil angry..LOL..

Allison kicked out already so sad jor lah...

now comes out the result that totally opposite what i want geh result==

FAINTED!! nvrm loh...mayb the judges like him more...

HAHA both of them oso very pro lah...and leng zai ...

is just one all one short nia =DD i like the tall one of cuz ~


i know i m not a part of it..

but i still treat them as my bestie,my old fren

they all now very good with each other

but..i m thinking that..

last time, i got my own gang's fren

but then now seem like all seperated...

sum of us fighting ...

not sum...

just me ...

ben lai wan uplaod those pic geh..but i dun have it now

like KM said, i totally losing..

all things doesnt go well like what i wan


but i got my *facey* oso de loh..

i got my own yuan zhe..

yea i know i m very gu zhe(stubborn)

but bo bian...its is me...

cant change it

oh...that time i still rmb..

suddenly got a girl...

LOL...which i dun reli like her even until now..

hao xiang kip on hanging out with us...

no offense


i dunlike her..

and i dunno y he like her??

like they nvr break up b4? Lol..

cheh...their business not mine...

just my thought

this is what my feelings now...

just let it bah...

automatic will fix de lah...

dont nid worry...

i think it wont last forever de...

that y , everyday i m always telling myself

that we muz enjoy our life...

juz walk forward n dont look back..

everyone had their own past de...

happy or unhappy..

we have to continue our life de mah..


peace ~~

but...i miss my form 2 and form 3 life

no enemy no argueing

how gud leh...

i hope it will come back sumdays...

i miss them..

ofcuz dowan that girl lah...


but luckily i still got my dearest laptop here...pui me =DD

a song 'juz live ur life'


i got some special feeling theseday

i think is a kind of desires?

i dunno what kind of desire but i m sure it's my hormones==

damn it....

yea, i m so open and talking about it...

canot meh?

reli de wor...cannot tell lah...i paiseh haha ~

god...haha...sumofthem ask me find a human being that u like and

to realease it...and i was like...WTH U TALKING BOUT? LOL..

its not funny...a bad situation i having now u know? heng...

but i m surely that u know what i m talking about

if u dunno or u dont get what i m saying

just forget it..haha....and i dont k oso ...

zhong ji i think i have to exercise and concentrate on a things..

avoid to think those stupid things==

yea STUPID things

hahahaaaaaaaa what a long post

paiseh ~~

cuz i got so many thing to post

i m so preciate that u can read it all till the end of the post =DD

luv ya ~~~

mwah mwah mwah ~~~~

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8:02 PM
Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my life would sux without u
i can't stand it anymore..
my life would sux without my computer!!
i miss it...
i m sry guys...
i will miss u guys too ~
i got so many things to do with my computer..

i have not enuf time...
cuz ltr i have tuition...argh...

oh yea !!



happy happy
chemistry T.T
ahhh...gtg T.T
bye mwahx ~
miss u ~~~

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3:36 PM
Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ah~ what a bad Sunday!! zzz
ok...what hpn to me today...

i totally cannot accept what really hpn to me...

totally unlucky...

oh no?!


my computer....~~~spoiled ==

yea i know some of you sure thinking that

'daisei lah,let your computer on for 24 hours'

it's not that problem lah i think==

when i woke up...i watch movie in my computer..gossip girl =DD

and...finsih watching this...i got another movie geh

i downloaded from yesterday... Marley & Me

when i open it jor..i feel hungry..thn mah go make some milo and sumthing else==

so i pause it 1st~

then,when i was making milo...thn dunoo what hpn

i dun know what i touched

thn cause the fius got problem--

ok loh,nvrm..

but after i fixed it..

i re-on my super duper stupid old computer..

yea....can on...

but...comes out dunno what program thing..argh i oso dunno what was that...

try to restart, but still the same thing-- gek sei me..

AHHH~~~how could this happen to me?!~T.T

i cant even watch my movie d lah ~~~!! i like that show very much lah ~~


Mama, i dun wanna waste my money to repair this stupid computer lah

waste my money ...==

now i'm using my sister's lap top online and blogging loh...

steal acctually...she dunno one ><

GOD~~~i think he wants me to study or wateva --

but i 'm pretty sure that it's a right timing that my computer spoiled!!

at least i can study bcuz i have ntg to do in my house accept my computer


i guess i will not online until the end of the exam days..

ohhh,kinda hard for me...

i think i will die soon if without my computer

AHHHHHHHHH, but i can post geh...

maybe...i can get a new phone and new computer sekali gus???


if can de hua...i will happy till i die...seriouly...


so sad ...my computer~~~~~

yesterday i was trying to read my sejarah,

but i dont understand lah...--

and cant memorise oso...!!

damn it le...i dont deserve to be a student...LOL

science class de tim--

bless me lah ..~

p.s i will post de dun worry...even i dwn online...=DD

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2:37 PM
Saturday, May 16, 2009


Guess what i m doing the whole afternoon? LOL..

not studying

not sliping

not watching tv program


i m playing computer ~~~HAHA
not play lah actually..

search thing loh...
what i search? neh....2 group of korean pop singers...

Let me intro =DD


SNSD aka girl's generation


and Tiffany ( the girl i like the most from SNSD)



And another group is Wonder Girls!

ya, that what i did in whole afternoon

LOL..acctually they very leng lui one leh..

is just their language we dont understand LOL..

but at least tiffany speak english well =DD


oh, and their dancing skill very geng u know?

both groups lah...GENG!! one word GENG!! i lurve dance geh singer de.. XD

OH!! fews pic haven uplaod...LOL...this time got DBSK geh =DD

hero and tiffany <3>

oh, gtg jor..


SEJARAH!! die die and die

nite everyone ~

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6:10 PM
Friday, May 15, 2009


today i m soooooo mad....!!


1.SP damn HARD!!! paper 1 paper 2 same same...zzz

2.MY Sohxx STEP SISTER...after she came back,thn scold me...'nvr do housework ah? y washing mesin de clothes u haven hang de ah ?!' damn u lah...how i know inside got shirt ah? fck u

3.I hate my computer and phone very very much!! when i can get a new one !?

4.WTF? today that uncle 'gan zhu ee' wearing the hak qiu * sun glasses* driving a van...fetching a lot student....he totally look like my van uncle !! he said my car blocking the way?? DAM LAH!! my car kancil only lah..btr thn u VAN LAH!! fckfckfck!! if i m blocking the way,how come ur van still possible can move?!zzz

ARGH!! i think i might b PMS
if not y i m so that angry==
gek sei me..

i think its all bcuz my STEP SISTER
ben lai wan relax one...playing computer...listening music...aircond everything...
suddenly scolded by her...!! dulan...!!
i swear when i graduate i dwn see dao her...

and im so wanna let her know ...
i hate her soooo much!
i chat with u doesnt means i like u...biatch!!

bo bian,she have to stay and help my mum...so..

I have to b patience !! ZZ!!

evrything muz be patience!!

patience all the time !! ok?!

good for us u know?!


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8:04 PM
Thursday, May 14, 2009


i nvr make it... LOL...

i try to wake up at 4.30a.m

but...lol...sadly...i off the alarm and fell asleep again LOL...

paiseh paiseh =DD

haiz...i think my physic ...

haoxiang will fail jiang...cuz mostly all calculation dunno how to do...

T.T i dun wanna fail, but..balasan...who ask me nvr study LOL....

suan le bah ~

tml my sis come back le...

sister back = no car


so so so so so sad!! ~

i dun like her by the way...

oh...tml sains pertanian....i have to go hell one more time =DD

thn come back to the earth LOL..same like today... XD

ah..i take a nap 1st ~ ltr got tuition ~ =D

p.s my nose bleed today n i dunno y
? HAHA mayb nvr drink water? LOL n thx you for visiting my blog n comment

ok lah c ya ~~ mwahhh

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1:31 PM
Wednesday, May 13, 2009


this is what i call nvr study punya ppl loh...

bo bian, i cant help myself to study on the last week b4 the exam day..

ala........tml physic liao lorh...i m still blogging tim ~

ahh~ cuz i m so in 'lurve' with u guys
( who everyday visit my blog de lah )
but oso for those one month and my blog once de ...
hehe..aiya for everyone lah >.<


ok,1st ..
i have to post about SUMONE who i ussually dont talk about him one..
but...the funny thing is..
what he said last time hor...useless geh..
hao xiang like now la...example nia..

the thing he dont like...he feel boring,but the thing very famous now..
thn he will follow and keep asking ppl how how how ==
very funny.... |||
ok skip...

p.s daisei in wateva ~


today aftr school, i fetch san and celest go back loh..

thn o...i SEI FO at the middle of the road!! i was like...kip trying to hide my face and kip looking

down the gear there LOL!!! and try to move the car to the side==

CACAT LAH!! the 1st time i sei fo in the middle of the road loh!!

so embarassing lah!!!! mayb i too gan jueng that 2 pretty car in my car LOL

haha~ *excuses only*

but really unbelievable...== sooooooooooooo paiseh that time... zzzz



aiyoyo...i swear ....i must wake up at 4am!!! ok now i have to sleep!!!

i will wake up de !! u c lah...i will post the second post at 4.30am!!

u have to trust me...ok i m going to make that happn!! wait for me !!4.30am!!

STUDY!!!!!! GAMBATEH EVERYONE!!! mwahhhhhhhx

p.s acctually i got a lot thing to say,but..have to go now..HAHA

and hor...all my visitors seems like dont like to leave comment geh...that is soooo sad T.T mingming i see the click counters a lot ppl came de wa ~ heng...heartbroken =XX

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9:35 PM
Sunday, May 10, 2009

I love her <3
Problem Statement : What special day today is?

Aim : To determine what special day today is.

Hypothesis : Today is Mother's Day

Apparatus and Materials : Your Heart , Your Mouth , Your Family , Your breakfast

Procedure :
1. Wake up ealier , have breakfast with ur family
2. First , ready, and prepair
3. Use your mouth and your heart and wish 'Happy Mother's Day'
and ' I Love You' to your dearest mother...

(Skip the Presentation of data )

Conclusion : Your mother will buy u a laptop o handphone XD (jk lah)

er hem...

The conclusion is...

Your mother will deeply know that u love her and she is proud of you...and she will give u everything u wan just for you cause she love u too...

Happy Mother's Day

I Love You Mom

p.s HAHA,i read to much bio till sot d.. LOL..ok have to continue my revesion le =DD leave comment a!!

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5:37 PM
Saturday, May 9, 2009

ALAH!! today after pbsm's activiti...

yam cha with that keat ming and yin ying....OLD TOWN AGAIN!

till 5 pm from 10.30am!!!


u know whats the point?


thn we chat about him and her and him and her and her and him and him LOL...


of cuz cannot say who was that lah..

ltr they kill me =DD


eh? i wanna know...what if he not interested on girl???

LOL!! thn i got gay friend?? ~~ *yay*

i luv to have a gay fren ~~ guy lah... haha paiseh ..

* i dunno y either*

mayb we can kap zai together ???MUHAHAHA

u know, sumtime gay guys are better thn girl's friend..

HAHA~ example..'i can tell ppl that he was my bf and no one will kacau me'

my friend said that too LOL..

it's one of the advantage too ~~ hohox...

okok lah...topic end..

cuz a lot ppl not very like it... haha...



sry..very sienz ah..ntg to type d...

u sienz mah? LOL...

of cuz i know u sienz....cuz u r reading my blog LOL...


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5:42 PM
Wednesday, May 6, 2009

God, today i said a lot bad word ...

don't know why .. maybe i too stress already? LOL...


Today tuition that time, i saw someone phone..

inside got the owner pic !!!

OMFG! soooo Fxxxing yong sui loh...* if i got the pic i sure uplaod one *

acting cute.... ewww

last time de him better...at least wont take his photo by himself... *vomit*

so that y i said i realise a lot ppl changed d...

like blablabla and blablabla... haha


AND! those WEARING west de 'student' hor...

erm i call them bitches, dogs or waitress usually... LOL..

bcuz i dislike some BITCHES in that gang mah...so..lazy mah...mah call the whole GANG bxxxx
lorh ....

they came in our class n blocking our views...so.......beh song...

and everytime i saw them wearing the west zai...always wanted to laugh..

but i cant laugh out loud... cuz...ltr...aiya...not gud lah ><


Ahh,thinking wanna buy a new phone or not...(w705) but once i bought...same model leh... that
bitch using...LOL...
buy limited edition geh? =DD or wait a newest model ?
zd T.T

kip changing phone de lorh ==

my mum will pokai soon if i lost my new phone AGAIN!

choi choi choi touch wood


FRIDAY NOT GOING TO SKUL~~~YAY PONTENG~~~ GO KIAT'S HOUSE~~~~ =XX *pretending i dont have exam next week*

sei lorh~ no voice jor...y always like that one?? i sked i can talk tml leh==
YER~~~ cacat lah...

GOOD LUCK!!! >.<

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9:33 PM
Tuesday, May 5, 2009


not c.c.s lah...another shortform..

guess dao mah?


yay another shortform ~

y got so many copy cats these day..? LOL..

or mayb they dont have brain


don't have any creativity lol..

even don't have creativity

simple then can liao lorh LOL...

yea..it's you ..

can use another name de mah like princess??LOL













Mid-Year Exam..

Good luck everyone... >.<

p.s i know i said the same thing again..but..it can calm myself down...cuz i nvr study == =P

oh,for who i fetch today...u shuld pray to ur god that u r still safe LOL... AMEN kekek

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9:24 PM
Monday, May 4, 2009

Mid Year Exam *ugh*
lol...have to prepair my exam d lorh ...

coming soon~

accually i haven start reading yet..

but i wanted to ==

Yesterday giv my sister x

i cried tim, dont know why? LOL..

but i don't really listen to her when she is scolding ...

she have no right to scold me like that...and i don't care..

i m not her daughter anyways...i'm just a stepsister... c'mon ~

Ahh.. ntg to write about ==

Hmm.. good luck in your exam everyone~~~!! TRY TO GET A1 AH!! LOL ...


p.s added a chat box..LOL.. if not 'they' will keep complaining about it LOL... =XX paiseh

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3:22 PM