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Saturday, February 28, 2009

D.i.s.s.a.p.o.i.n.t.e.d & Y.o.u
Today....very special...

the day ..that i cried until very long..even i m bathing..even i m doing my homework

really never got the feeling to cry last time..i scared that i cant stop crying...

but today really can realease all my stress and everything..

and today, i knew who is really care about me...and who is unresponsible...and who is dissapointed me


Today,hari sukan....rumah biru get 1st place in tarik tali and get third place for kawat kaki

Yea...good news isn't it? i m happy too...but i dont know y i can show my real emotion on my face...i cant even smile...

And...the bad things is....my phone and purse....stolen by today oso...

the reason that i cried today..

my Identity Card , my cute baby photo , my idol's thing , my rm98 , my w910i ...all stolen by today..

i think its all my fault...i shounldnt bring my phone and money today..

and i shouldnt give all my baobei thing to him...

shouldnt have to trust him..

shouldnt give my thing to him..

really dissapointed on him..

like what my mum said...next time dont did the wrong thing again

'cause he is not resposible' said by my mum today

yea...its right...but its all my fault...


i wish the time can roll back ...or i wish that person that steal my thing can pulang my purse...

althought u took all my money...at least u can give back my IC and my baby photo..


if i wanna blame..i think i should blame myself,not anybody else..

haiz...what m i suppose to do? KM tell me that...got one fren btter than u got a enemy

but...i dint k what he said...i m just thinking...how i suppose to do without my phone and my purse....

today i shouldnt go for hari sukan...

regret useless...

suan le bah...

After these thing happen,thx for those friend who try to help me....espiecally u

thanks you ~


but dont know y...i starting thinking about you..

mayb i 'like' u cause u r my fren bah ^^

Hope..everyday will be the nice day after today..please..please..please!


Anyways...i still need you...need you to calm me down...

but the bad thing is...u r not around me...

the only day i can see and chat wif u is school day..for me is enough d...

^.^ thanks you


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7:58 PM
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thanks You Angeline MUACKS~
What a Good Day ~ althought i felt sleepy n tired today ~

but i m so..........gam dong ~~haha cause Angeline belanja us....(got picture one bu lazy uplaod paiseh )

quite expensive leh...imagine lah.... 3 person me,angeline and yew jin 3 person

each person got steak,latte,mocktail,cappucino~~ guess how much it is? =X

anyways....she got reason de lah ~ talk about church thing ~ quite interesting =D

i think i will 'bcome' a christian someday ~

but i think i really got no time to go church...cause my mum punya hal T.T~haiz

so loh ~


today open book test....the science pertanian and MM ~~GEK SEI ME~ *fainted*

the subject that i cant finish the question in 1 hours o.O how sad.... nvrm loh

i noob mah ~~ haiz...dun wan talk about this anymore...gek sam ~

ntg to type ~ haiz
bye (what a lame blog hor? bo bian >.<)


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9:21 PM
Monday, February 23, 2009

oh my god ~~
i totally suffering when i work on Saturday and Sunday...T.T
i work until VERY VERY tired...totally exhausted....
and today-Monday !~ Hmmmm...yea..obviously i absent and never go to school today =DD
and i just came back from Ipoh....because yesterday I was went to ipoh..with my mummy and uncle== to get her don't know what important's paper back==

HAHA~so is a good chance for me to stay home AND relax~~~=DD
consider as ponteng boh??not right>.<
later have to prepair for my open book test tomorrow..~ kinda nervous...LOL
scared FAIL u know?LOL...

i can imagine today sure got a lot homework...(i got homework gave by last week pun haven done juga) Ugh~~~but i wish that today don't have any work from any subject== cause start from tomorrow we got test ~^-^ *think too much*

i m waiting my classmate for telling me....whether which class got the 'kelas yang paling kotor'~~i hope that wasn't my class ~~~~== cuz i hvn finish ceriakan my class T.T

AHHHHH ~~i shuld stop wondering those sap sap sui's thing =)
if not i will go crazy 'again'!
see u guys ~~~


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11:49 AM
Friday, February 20, 2009

AH!!! y i join kawat kaki?! althought i knew i will training under the sun...
WHY!!!!!!!!! i know! cause i have to== cuz i join kawat kaki been 2 years d...
sure they will ask me to join (not ask acctually, is forcing)
but nvrm ~ i have to sacrifice my skin...HAIZ~

I HATE THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!==|

ok....open book test open book test...
ok.... i dun k ~!!! zzzz

yay....so happy today....i dont know why...hahahahaha ~

but after i came back home....feel so moody again...cause HOMEWORK AGAIN!
wth...~fine lah..........i will do it later =P

so tired today ...stay back until 5.30 pm ....since 12.35 @@
i m good student...right?! haha
i join club japan today LOL...very funy izzit? that my skul got club japan
LOL...so tml i haf to go skul== SATURDAY U KNOW? aiyoyoyo

i hope ying got go tml...if not...i will boring until crazy...but got angeline lah =DD

so....today have to slip earlier oso ~! after done my homework....=D okay...byebye good nite~


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8:01 PM
Thursday, February 19, 2009

What A busy Day
Wah ! today very busy...for doing those keceriaan thing...
For my Own class good u know? i dont wan kena 'kelas yang paling kotor' like 4K =D
i m so happy that 4K kena...dont know why~
i guess is bcuz yew jin is in that class?plus he is the monitor ~HAHA dun mad at me ah 4K's ppl =P
*so means*

BUT~!i reli hope we wont kena lah....hamdulilah ~ pray pray pray ~!

and a lot homework oso ~! keep salin from Hui Yu =D
bo bian la...busy people is like that de wua ~wakakaka

Oh...today Bunny seem so moody .. and i dont know why..
and Zhee Foong keep asking me why...
reli haiz...i will sad if Bunny moody, dont know y?
maybe i scared she mad at me or BS me sumthing...ahhh~

TEST!!!open book TEST!!!!~~next week ~ ma ma T.T
GUD LUCK everyone ~


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9:46 PM
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

monthly test coming soon ~
haven prepair anything yet ~
my add math,bio,phy,che....
acctually all subject..T.T

'monthly test only mah,so nervous for what?!' said by XXX

monthly test only mah ~?u think i can pass in Mid Year exam but failed in monthly test?
imposibble loh...
haiz ~ haiz ~ haiz ~
everyday got a lot homework ~
haiz ~

MY stupid brother go back to genting d...how i suppose to help my mum??
MY sister also.....
can i handle everything?school?helping my mum?exam and test?rumah biru's thing? i guess not...
so much stress....no one understand ... haiz...


p.s Never post for few weeks d ..i m sry...


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9:18 PM
Wednesday, February 4, 2009

now i feel like killing all asian boy...
i hate boy== sux..
and y orang asing so leng zai wan?!?!!??!!
y?!?!!??!i wan shift to UK or USA or AUS or ENG wateva...not malaysia can d ==
aiyor~i dunno what im talking about==
today ponteng skul~~~=D
not ponteng acctually..got reason one....=SECRET THAT CANOOT TELL

and i m sry so sry to bunny cuz nvr accompany her...

and i promise myself try to not type shorform...but i cant control myself ~~~
arrrrhhh~ *freakin out*

Me and Er and Ying and Jin is a bad teenagers
cuz......we kip on saying FUCKIN word in EVERY sentences =D
i can giv example if u dun understand

okay...thats the example~thx you =DD


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8:51 PM
Sunday, February 1, 2009

U noe what?
i bu shuang u d loh
noe u for few years d...
i noe what kind of person u are...
yes~everyone said that u vry 'CUTE' and 'GENTLE' wateva =='
i can tell u that...
a r FAKER (just my opinion not others)

of cuz i noe every guy is the same...but...u r the most JIN GAK that i ever met
CIS!GARAM betul ==
suan....we not best fren anymore...jus normal fren...
and i dun haf a best fren like u....
and just kip following ur new 'GIRLBesFren'
but u btr dun b so happy ...cuz i m not jealousing or sumthing

EVEN ur brother was better thn u like 1000000000x
dun talk bad about ur EX-bestfren oso...ntg diff....is the same
(the same KIND of BOY oso zzzz )

that all i can say

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9:04 PM