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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

GROW UP !! 200CM++++!!
wow..what a tuesday==

bo bian, yest mid night only sleep
today very tired,thn dwn go school lorh..
bcoz of all those stupid homework


sej note,sej latihan ah,pj note
hvn done all yet ah==
ltr have to finish it...today muz finish!!


Eh, today hor...
hao xiang got some metting !!
wanna know what happen leh..

* 8-ing*

She told me hor..
'very cacat lo' LOL..

*shake head* dunno~

we hope that the 'meeting'

going well?



aiya!! dont keep saying 'deng' lah
i sked ur lung will kena damage if u keep saying that word

i said d lorh,both of u shuld....GROW UP! from 150+cm to 200cm++
(just an example LOL..takkan lah girl can tall untill 200cm o.O )

p.s deng lei goh fai =DD


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3:53 PM
Sunday, April 26, 2009

today went to sg wang..
for accompany my friend..
she got singing competition mah..

pui her loh...junior lei geh..HAHA

i m such a good senior ~~

so many pro in singing de!!! eiyer..lucky im not the peserta..
1st place got RM1000 tim!! $.$

then saw dao mun mun n her bf..
leng zai lah ur bf....=DD

ben lai wan go sing k geh..

soooo expensive...haiz...
bu shuang leh...T.T
nvr sing dao !! ughh

OH!!! n ah...
today i saw RON NG LEH!!

wu cheok hei ~~~~
leng zai ...
but few SECOND only la..too bad ~




++++++ THE SIM3 3 AH!!!!




Yin Ying ; Me ; Keat Ming


END ^^

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7:40 PM
Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Bastard Bitch..

Yea..It's You..

everyday i saw u...

u still the same..


yam gong lorh ~

cmon ~ grow up...


p.s bunny sick jor ah...hope she fast fast recover ...if not i have to sit alone nerh ~ heh heh

oh..and i look like a mother?? LOL. Cancer mah =DD

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10:12 PM
Tuesday, April 21, 2009




*not Ikhlas tuition center that one lah*





U KNOW DE LAH ~ haha

old jor ~~~^^

anyways...wish u dream come true lorh =)

haha..purposely create one more post for him geh... =DD

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10:38 PM

i miss him
When i finish my Psk's homework,it's about family tree lah!

it makes me think about him

suddenly feel so sad that he is gone..

for 3 years already...

but doesn't means i forget him or not missing him anymore...

i always do...

i always thinking about him n i hope ..

he is always beside me..

My father and my mum..i love them very very much...





Do u realise that u r the one who they HATE the most?..

One day u will know and regret..

Cmon lah..don't pretend that u r dai kar jie ok? God.. zz



ok..i know i have to stop ...

ok..let's talk about today...
hmm..TODAY AH!! ALOT TEACHER ABSENT AH!!! mwahaha ...
so shuang... =DD
Actually i wan to go club geh..too play snooker ==
But..i put 'A'..cuz hor...no one fetch...and cannot drive oso |||

NO CAR!!! I WAN CAR!!!!!!!! ARGH!

then go pasar malam lorh...with ken n kwai yean== (always the same ppl) =P
then i fetch them go back lorh ~~ ^.^
and am am a police car pass by ...infront me !! scary man!! =/
lucky nvr get caught..if not...
kena RM300 for nvr wear seat belt..
and my mum going into jail for 24 hours...cuz i dun have license
*phew~* god bless me LOL alehlujah



Oh..i love blonde!!! toally in luv with blonde hair girl =XX (admire lah i means)

heh heh...

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10:15 PM
Monday, April 20, 2009

second time d..i off it and i slept again==

ugh,have to write a letters about why i absent today
sienz liao loh..
dun have any excuse leh..
nan dao hav to curse someone die again? LOL!


YES! i ponteng! ok? LOL


today..ken ken fetch me,kwai yean n fmc to have OUR BREAKFAST
and then play mah jong n fmc's Xbox
but sienz oso lah...
but i knew that today a lot ppl absent oso lerh >.<
hao xiang no hmk tim ...KAKA


  • i dont k
  • i dont mind
  • what u say
  • n
  • u will..
  • regret
  • for
  • that
  • remember
  • i'm
  • always
  • the..
  • n you..?
  • cmon..u know that too..=D

p.s : i hope tml i wont did the same thing again == god bless me ~ i dwn miss the alarm again!

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9:21 PM

wow...they are goin to kill if i nvr update my blog... ><

sry lorh ~~~ lazy plus not free lerh?? forgiv me lorh...haha

now 12am== tml got skul de leh... >.<

juz finish playing mahjong with yew ken and kwai yean==

they ntg to do mah.. HAHA

very tired leh...

but.. still have to finish my blog de right??

Hmm.. ntg special happen ==

is just...getting...

confused!! and...dying--

i duno y lah...haiz...moody lah...

gtg le lah...

night =(

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12:06 AM
Saturday, April 11, 2009

Not bad..not bad ~

those shortcut..LOL?

continue orh...jia you ~~


what a Saturday ~~~

got school mah...can see dao u ' guys ' ....

oh..about all the test we took today..

chemistry , sp and math..

we learned to mengamalkan sikap berkerjasama..tiru ~~ HAHA

ntg special today loh..juz..a bit...u know? weird...

cause i knew jor ...so that y i got that feeling == swt|||

Night, we went to play snooker...
i saw those guys very geng loh..
kinda yeng geh wor? i wan !!! but...girl went to that kind of place..very dangerous geh..

play jor 2 hours++ thn go back lorh...cacat== what a normal day..==

OH GOT! ka siong gor teach us how to solve the magic cube lorh...
but we still blur blur lorh...haha..

----OH..exciting to know what u guys gonna say next ...haha *clap clap*

come on ~ =DD

----KEE YIN TML GO SING K~~~ i cannot go erh.... sad ~

----tml haf to work again...UGH! damn it ...sien sei loh...

---- *i wont scold ppl jor geh i promise *

---- what he said is...TAHAN!!! EEEEEEEMMMMMMMMGGGGG!!! SAM FU KAP =DD

---- End

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11:16 PM
Friday, April 10, 2009

today..went to ka siong's house...for what?

STUDY LAH!! wat else? ==

stupid kitty lah...zzz..

sumthing i knew accidently

pretty annoying , bad n funny too LOLX

nvrm lorh...like what my uncle said...there is a lot people outside ...

and i get tired of these thing already..so~

wont affected by those tedious thing geh~ ==

oh yea,it was a 'C' not 'S'...so remember to change the word what u wrote orh ~


what i learned today is...
..ADDMATH.....erm...no problem jor gua?
sc pertanian? == suan le bah...*shake head*

KA SIONG I HATE U!!!! because ur house ~ (jkjk)
hate rich people d ~hahahaha~
oh and the BIG BIG MIRROR!! ARGH~~~ heng...unfair~ =PP

WOW...i m waiting for holiday a~~~~ =DD

p.s not bad wor, smart ass ~ see next time what u will say sin =DD i m lookin foward ..sei lo become my hobby jor tim... @@

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8:08 PM
Thursday, April 9, 2009

now what i need is TIME..

u know?! TIME!!!

always rushing...always got no time like that...

mid year exam coming tim...


what a mess...

ahh...i cant handle it liao lorh...cant even control jor..

out of control XD


have no time to blogging tim ah...

currently thinking to form a study group with ka siong them..HAHA

what we wondering is...what if we chatting all the time ? LOLx

Hmm..what he said is true ? changed a lot meh? dunno ~

what i know is...now i having a lot problem jeh..

OH..AND i promised William that i will try to not type short form..

Because he said hard to understand =P paiseh ..


NO~ KEAT MING~~ abnormal is happening!!!! zzz

Time Time Time Time...

oh yea...and i don't care what did u said about me...
i dontgive it a damn..zz

and i feel like going to cheong k lerh....haiz...

haiz...how good if u staying with me ~~ *dreaming*


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9:36 PM
Tuesday, April 7, 2009

u r mine..
u r mine..

u gonna b mine...

i m waiting for it....


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7:51 PM
Sunday, April 5, 2009

yesterday...finally sing dao k jor...

oh my purse~ so cham...bcom smaller and smaller =X

cuz yest...after roller...thn got cheong K then watch movie...

i know what movie i watch yesterday? THE FAST AND FURIOUS 4 AH!!!!OMG OMG ~~



luv her so much ~~~so yeng lah she ~~ ^^

but hor...the movie...cut a lot jor lorh...and i started to hate this country tim

ppl wan see that scene de mah =DD

spent my whole saturday with sheng wei and ka siong == from 8.30 till 10.30 O.O

haha...yest was very fun...kekex

*but nid some sacrifice geh* MY MONEY~~~T.T

and ah== roller there hor...got 3 couples da K lo==

ZD!! got one girl is from our skul de tim...cannot say lah of cuz LOL

but they quite enjoy de loh== Zzz lol..i saw a lot leng lui there o that day hahaha


today went out with ken ,ky and fmc... LOL

watch movie lah sure.....'knowing'...bu chuo loh...that movie...LOL

very qi gek one...heh heh..

but oso bored loh..i dunno y..

mayb....bu am gua...haha


i met my primary's school friend....neh..that may qi and Ing lol...

tat mayqi so bad to me...LOL....heng..=DD


AHH...stop thinking that way plz?

its happened..but obviously its not exactly what u thinking ..

when its gonna end? sienz lah all these things...

lazy to k liao..accept YOU!BITCH!!!

study study study study!!! better =D

ah.......ltr have to done all my hmk jor !!!
and scaring tml got oral tim...LOL..

monday again ~~hope it will end soon...too much stress jor..

plz dont kip adding stress on me..a normal student cannot tahan de u know? XDXD

p.s i know u came to my blog..i know de bitch...sumday u have tosay sumthing to me de...and what i said this few days ' stop attracting me plz ~~~! '

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7:05 PM
Friday, April 3, 2009

Before u said i small gas...(today i only knew u said that)

u have to think about it...

if ur thing lost...but that person makes ur thing lost nvr apologise..

u will angry or not?

its the same lah...! !

u know what? u should imagine that u was me...

and think what i m feeling now...

and u have no right to say anyone small gas ..

cause u dun even have a brain....to think!


the fantastic things that i nvr saw b4...

the person can chg her/his face sooooo fast when she/he talking to the person she/he behsong

its like...one side she/he is laughing thn when she/he talk to the person that she/he behsong..


G.O.D pro..


tml go roller again == with that sheng wei (who addicted to roller ) *not sure de lah*

today he kip thinking what to wear..

but all he wanna wear for tml is totally LALA geh..hahaah

he ask me and kahmun dress like lala loh...choi him dou soh==

going to pokai loh...no money...!

aiyoyo...gek sei me...


my pronouciation got prob jor...

jiang hu (glue) pronouce dao jiang you (kicap)==

cacat liao loh....zzz

juan qian (donate money) bcome juan quan (????)



btw...the fast and furious 4 is SHOWING~~~~~~~


i wan watch that movie lah!!!!who can pui me ?=D

if i m not wrong...it's 18+ de movie.....hao xiang lah ><

ala ala i dun k lah i wan watch it ~~~~~!!!!!!!! T.T


today a lot ppl absent o...

one word SIENZ...all go bai shan ...hahaha

who born in year 1993 de....saturday go bai shan not very gud o ~~

*remind yi xia * hahahaha collina told me geh...i dunno de ~ ><


1/4/09...i absent...lol....
april fool oso...
my uncle ben lai wan sms me and tell me
' ur school GOT BOMB EH!!EXPLODE JOR EH!!die jor 23 ppl and 16 missing..but ying still ok...'
i zd liao loh?
my uncle mention that ying still ok loh....
if he tell me the MR.Yan die jor...i sure happy geh...haha

and i lie to my mum oso...
i said..
'huh? u got bf jor ah?reli ah?'
'yea lah...lie u for what..i got bf jor lah...'
'WAH?intro me sumday ah ' LOL....zd zd zd XD~

wow today my post quite long de loh...paiseh >.<


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