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Sunday, November 15, 2009

<3 one
lol.... we like steambot ...

yea...we go there everyweek...almost everyweek LOL ..

and i dunno y...cause we haf no place to haf out supper =P


the other day...


c... LOL! the same place...

probably the tauke can recognise us d =P


last day for our FINAL EXAM ~~ YA HOO ~

excited man..

but...second thought ..going to form 5 d...HAIZ

SPM wooorrrhhh


and i took some pic that morning =D

almost one year d...but m text book look soo...NEW XD

like nvr use dao jiang hahahah

u see ...


i lazy to blog one by one..lazy nia =P

now kiat and wan er starting to play maple d LOL!

private server lah =D

so i mah join la..fan zheng holiday so sien =P


enjoy ur form 4 holidays..

when u r form 5..there no such things call lazy XD

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