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Thursday, October 15, 2009


uplaoded some pics !

Location : my condo's swimming pool side

tadah ~ my creativity =P

weng hong very tired =)


lol there is our food n drinks

chit- chatting =P

ewww O.O

the party ended at 2am plusplus =D


i m going to organize this again..

after my final exam mayb o.O?

then they took shower at my house after swimming~

then we str8 away drive to kiat's house ( sleepover)

not exactly sleepover la actually !! we nvr sleep oso ! =PP

so the next day 7am like that merlys fetch me back from kiat's house LOL!


i organized this party for no reason u know? just for fun only HAHA

p.s i saw a loser, name 'sher' in my chatbox ~ fuck you vry much ! u r the one who should get a life and should'nt judged others if u r such a noob

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