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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shop for Food
Jusco's day again ~

shop for food...


keeyin put my aeroplane summore

nvrm lorh ~ i got weng hong and merlys..

nothing special..but hanging out with both of them

i will laugh until die


took fews picture..

no doubt..i know it's gross but taste good ! MUTTON!

tadah~ my favourite BBQ's food

both of them doing their job..and what about me? camera man LOL

that's all..

i bought hotdogs too LOL!

and watermelon!! and oso honey


both of them act like kids during shopping ==

beh tahan...haha

after come back from jusco..they came to my house..

and walked to E-Century..

what for? PLAYING GAMES LA!! haha

plus that day got pasar malam..

we sambil gaming sambil wait for the time to walk pasar malam

so..we played for around 3 hours i guess..

what game we play?


i lurve this game so much..haha

weng hong, merlys and i play until so chi gek

and then 1 or 2 hours ltr..

merlys ask kwai yean to join us oso..

thn she came with her bf

ahh i dun wanna talk about her bf...

and then and then...

kee yin n kee yee reached..

so we stop playin and time for PASAR MALAM!!

soo happy..been soooo long nvr walk pasar malam 2gether..


after that they came to my condo's pool side..

chit chatting.. LOL!!

and wait for ly phing..

ahhh so funny lah...our topics are sooo 18+++


finally ly phing came ==

nothing changed..still the same HAHA~

thn continue hanging out with her...untill 11 ++

then finally i can take shower and rest LOL

yay! this is what i call FRIENDS!

luv them =D

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