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Monday, August 10, 2009

Damn the clinic !

First , i m going to talk about this morning ==

when i woke up, i felt that i got headache n coughing

and i tot my fever are gone ~ so i decided to go to school lo ~

During essembly, i have to walk here walk there

part of my job lah..(walk here walk there n observe)


ahhh, i feel that i m gonna pengsan !

So, i asked my fren to touch my forehead ah hand ah

c wheter hot or not lah..

conclusion is , i got fever again ~ *yay* ==

and they started treat me like i m a monster~


then i called my mum come and fetch me to clinic

ok good one !

pissed off!

it takes me one hour plusplus to wait the doctor..!

cause a lot ppl there mah ~n i think the sure clinic full of bacteria!

lucky i got mask ( bought it from school for RM1 dam it)

so i asked my mum wait me at EON Bank

i told her that she dont need to accompany me

to avoid those virus inside the clinic ><

my body temperature was 38 degree celsius!!

omg? Mr.Chin said that temperature can cause you stupid ~!

or die ~ LOL


i haf no idea how come my body temperature

suddenly soooooo high one==

i asked the doctor about H1N1..

he said dont know yet == (wtf)

anways i dun k ..i took MC for today and tml

so tml i can rest more

and make sure my fever dont come back again

Oh, guys ~

now i feel more better than this morning ~

terima kasih atas semua =D

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