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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cyber Cafe
Wah~today i woke up at 9

LOL..for pasar pagi lo !!

i have to buy chicken wings , prawn , sotong ......blablabal

alot thing to buy sigh !!

i m going with merlys and kee yin...

costed me like...rm50+

nvrm lorh ~ cheap liao lo.. my mum said geh


(my mum always buy thing without knowing the price)

then we ate our breakfast at FanWah

and thn my mum fetch us home..put all the foods into fridge

then ask my mum fetch us to E-Cent


i change my mind...i wan go First Class (a CC)

although is expnsive but i dont k !!

i wan go there!! bcuz vry '1st class'


merlys, kee yin and me..

3 girls playing L4D

ppl around keep on looking at us..

wondering what we playing HAHA

very pro one leh their monitor and even their CPU LOL

so yeng...

this is the 'fan' under the desk YENG!if purple in colour i will steal it LOL

yea we picked the corner..cuz we like corner HAHA

look at the light !! GODD I LUV IT

so this is the monitor.. u can see the name HAHA

mermer = merlys
melody = keeyin

too bad...i have to go out with mummy

and to stop my game half way =(

and i skipped physic tuition ><

but i went to math tuition lah !!

giv mr.chin 'ejek' again ==

the price quite expensive one ><

they played for...5 hours i think..

rm15 jor..WOW ~ haha

nvrm la...the internet speed is fast..

and not lagging..AT ALL

beter then e-cent and game hub==

so it's worth geh !! =D

that's all for this post =D

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