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Sunday, August 2, 2009

went to jusco today


i called it ' jusco combo'

cause i went there 3 times continuously


Erm, i watched The Proposal today!

HEHE! no doubt


i like it ..so now the next movie is..


A lot ppl waiting for it...=D

and this is the 1st time i went out with Xiang Lin..

this sunny girl.. LOL..

and yee chia, kee yin and her boi Zhe Hou

i hate couples! =DD

jokes la ~

and i saw lisa and kuang lun while we waiting for the bus

kinda surprise...HAHA

cause we watching the same show exactly in the same cinema...

but i dint notice ==

and..i lost my RM11

stupid me...haiz..! suan le bah..

i always blur blur one..these days lah ! not everyday one...so don't try to bully me XD


the cheong k day with 7 ppl...

i lazy to list it down leh..

but i feel weird if i nvr do that ==

k.yeng,puisun,hui sien,kahmun,huiyu,kiat and kar kheen ~


me and kiat are english SINGER

others~ chinese SINGER lah..

except kar kheen...bisu 's SINGER ==

i think he is wasting his money....poor him ~

and...yes..my voice is getting worst and worst..

no talent ( k.yeng said)


and ah...while we waiting for kiat's mom punya CAMRY

we talked a bout 'shoes and bird'

ahhh hard to explain it here..

but..kah mun very bin tai..yea i always know that..

but kiat and kar kheen sure shocked when they knew kahmun's second personality LOL


i cant stop laughing every time hanging out with kah mun..

ugh !

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