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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The day after the DAMN MONTLY TEST!
abandoned my blog for few days..

bcuz of the MONTHLY TEST!

i know i nvr study...but i just dunno y

i dun haf the mood to BLOG!

so now~ my mood came back~~


paiseh ~


the very first thing!

i m so happy the test is over already =P

and dun haf any tuition this week!!


so...after skul ! yesterday la

i went to club....for EXERCISE! (badminton)

LOL!! acctually its not in my plan one

i tot we going to watch movie or sumthing...

thn fetch here fetch there LOL

*clubbing* with kar kheen , yok wah ,yihsu,keeyin,weng hong and ka yao!

hav fun alot =DD

cuz all of them are my best fren mah ~ haha

and i swt A LOT! yay~ finally i can burn sum cal in my body



i gained back CAL by today *i guess*

today went to jusco...KARAOKE!!

with KM,JJ and GC ( changed gang)

sub-gang LOL!


4 ppl in one room 3 mic..

sure SYOK LA!

plus they sing ENG song more thn CHI song de leh ~

that y ~


wth lah...last minute my voice came back !

gek sei me~~

NVRM! tml i m going to jusco with mun...

CHEONG K! =DD again

but tml a lot ppl going...

mayb will chiong mic~ HAHA

so ... ppl?

miss me ? wakakaka

ok i m perasan ~ =(

oh and i m going to fail all my subject~ accept my bi

p.s i m not moody anymore~ cuz i ignore what they think and wat they said! PUI!

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