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Thursday, June 4, 2009

what i wan to do now is cry ~~
i m so SAD!!!

everytime i wan online but i dun have computer

dammit mou? !!

so many updates from my fren's blog...

HAHA~ so i haf to take time to read it loh...

and now

where m i ? CC LAH!!

kajang de tim!


i think i shuld stop complaining that i dun haf computer


but cannot tahan mah

reli uncomfurtable that i cant online everyday lah u know?

gek sei me !!

oh..my cousin sis come KL de..

she was so happy to come KL

cuz can meet her KL's fren

like kiat ah weng hong ah ...blablabla

and today she went tuition with me

and she form 5 i form 4...LOL

plus she is account class de!! haha

so,those sc subject reli very very boring..

that y i ask her to sit with kiat and talk to him

* i know kiat wont pay attention de*

ngek ngek ~

anyways today i watched night at the museum 2!!


like finally...the 1st movie i watch in cinema in this month


cuz soooooooooo long nvr go to the cinema d


no one to hang out mah...hahaha

bo bian

and!! i cant dwl movie...

my gossip girl end jor lah!!

i hvn dwl lah !! == i wan watch lah !!


i hate 2009...seriously

i mean it!!


i will try my best to post...and blog ~ T.T

c ya guys ~

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