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Sunday, June 7, 2009

ben lai very happy de today...

going TQ with them


saw dao sumone that i reli reli reli hate..

neh the gigolo lah..MR.YAN

than my mood....


so damn bad...

i really zd...gou gou lek..

ppl ming ming very happy one...

y treat me like that??sienz

* i dun deserve happy except the mr.yan die *

YESH!! die ~

ren loh ~ bo bian..

ltr displz ppl not gud..

thn i complain to yee chia


so...beh song...


nvrm ~

got jolin ~~

my princess~~~

she so pretty lah ~~~~and skinny==


i got her signature ~~


so that y my mood come back again hahaha ~

cuz i dun nid see dao him and

i saw my jolin =DD

quite high lah...but no camera =(

ok lah haf to go le ~

not really have to mood to type anything again==

nite guys ~

* i know its getting boring >.<*

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