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Saturday, June 13, 2009

friday 12pm like that then my sis start driving back to ipoh..

2pm reach there ==

then, my mum bring me to play snooker *wth*

quite sienz , cuz i dunno how to play...

cost us rm11.30 @$##$%@$#@$#

nvrm loh, my uncle say he rich =X

thn go back to our second ipoh's house

i slept for 1 hours plus..

then have to get rdy for my cousin's wedding party liao...==

my cousin sister 22 only....pregnant d tim LOL

got a lot food leh u know 'a lot'

got hot dog,nugget,kuih,mihun goreng,mee goreng,air red bean,curry,fried chicken,sumkind of

fried things-- and orange juice ~ hahaha

alot leh...i remember tim ah

geng lah me...

then i have 3 tin of beer there @@

no feeling oso~~muahahaha

bcuz i geng ~~*again*

then after like 12 am ,

we 'chan' back to KL

2am reach loh...so tired lah --

plus i drink jor beer==

that y i woke up at 3pm today lorh,

acctually morning i haf to go for pbsm

but i headache-- *shit*

so my mum ask me dun nid to attend lah...blabla

then i fall asleep again ~~

yer, regret lah

i shuld attend de leh...

i pretty sure i will get scolded by *dai lap yeh*

means AJK-AJK tertinggi loh ~~

especially the keat ming ~ ^^


feel sad about everything ...

everything i haf

and everything i haf done *even i m using the toilet and sleeping* XD

i should done my hmk by this holiday

but i never==

feel sad about that too

bo bian, saye sendiri malas sangat

tak payah cakap pun tau kan?

haiz ~~ sad ~~sad~~sad~~

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