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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i went to work...

then tuition

then eat with ma family

and came back to home

nothing special happen to me loh....

my life is suck!! other ppl havin fun in their holidays...

but i feel so bored and alone everytime

althought my cousins here...but i just dunno y==

i try to be happier ...and not EMO..


cant help it mah!! bored!!


today tuition hor...

3 guys bhind me very noisy...

kip tok tok tok tok, i know they very geng in study dun nid listen to teacher de..

but dun talk too loud mah...

laugh oso laugh till very loud summore

annoying !! ugh==

soooooo noob lah them..beh song...


she go back to ipoh liao loh ~~~ dun misss her ah u guys ~

ala she will come back de lah...dun worry

hahahahaha ~~

no one interrupt me anymore ~~

thank god...

and no one will using my phone ...

and kip on sms-ing to DIGI!!

damn ! i think my phone bil sure very expensive liao...

screw it...! beh song ~~~


i wan my phone back ~~~~~~~~

i wan my computer back ~~~~~~

i wan my mood back ~~~~~~~~~

i wan my life back ~~~~~~~~~~~

p.s i dun wan to go ipoh ==

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