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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

God, today i said a lot bad word ...

don't know why .. maybe i too stress already? LOL...


Today tuition that time, i saw someone phone..

inside got the owner pic !!!

OMFG! soooo Fxxxing yong sui loh...* if i got the pic i sure uplaod one *

acting cute.... ewww

last time de him better...at least wont take his photo by himself... *vomit*

so that y i said i realise a lot ppl changed d...

like blablabla and blablabla... haha


AND! those WEARING west de 'student' hor...

erm i call them bitches, dogs or waitress usually... LOL..

bcuz i dislike some BITCHES in that gang mah...so..lazy mah...mah call the whole GANG bxxxx
lorh ....

they came in our class n blocking our views...so.......beh song...

and everytime i saw them wearing the west zai...always wanted to laugh..

but i cant laugh out loud... cuz...ltr...aiya...not gud lah ><


Ahh,thinking wanna buy a new phone or not...(w705) but once i bought...same model leh... that
bitch using...LOL...
buy limited edition geh? =DD or wait a newest model ?
zd T.T

kip changing phone de lorh ==

my mum will pokai soon if i lost my new phone AGAIN!

choi choi choi touch wood


FRIDAY NOT GOING TO SKUL~~~YAY PONTENG~~~ GO KIAT'S HOUSE~~~~ =XX *pretending i dont have exam next week*

sei lorh~ no voice jor...y always like that one?? i sked i can talk tml leh==
YER~~~ cacat lah...

GOOD LUCK!!! >.<

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