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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


this is what i call nvr study punya ppl loh...

bo bian, i cant help myself to study on the last week b4 the exam day..

ala........tml physic liao lorh...i m still blogging tim ~

ahh~ cuz i m so in 'lurve' with u guys
( who everyday visit my blog de lah )
but oso for those one month and my blog once de ...
hehe..aiya for everyone lah >.<


ok,1st ..
i have to post about SUMONE who i ussually dont talk about him one..
but...the funny thing is..
what he said last time hor...useless geh..
hao xiang like now la...example nia..

the thing he dont like...he feel boring,but the thing very famous now..
thn he will follow and keep asking ppl how how how ==
very funny.... |||
ok skip...

p.s daisei in wateva ~


today aftr school, i fetch san and celest go back loh..

thn o...i SEI FO at the middle of the road!! i was like...kip trying to hide my face and kip looking

down the gear there LOL!!! and try to move the car to the side==

CACAT LAH!! the 1st time i sei fo in the middle of the road loh!!

so embarassing lah!!!! mayb i too gan jueng that 2 pretty car in my car LOL

haha~ *excuses only*

but really unbelievable...== sooooooooooooo paiseh that time... zzzz



aiyoyo...i swear ....i must wake up at 4am!!! ok now i have to sleep!!!

i will wake up de !! u c lah...i will post the second post at 4.30am!!

u have to trust me...ok i m going to make that happn!! wait for me !!4.30am!!

STUDY!!!!!! GAMBATEH EVERYONE!!! mwahhhhhhhx

p.s acctually i got a lot thing to say,but..have to go now..HAHA

and hor...all my visitors seems like dont like to leave comment geh...that is soooo sad T.T mingming i see the click counters a lot ppl came de wa ~ heng...heartbroken =XX

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