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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

heh heh

exam over d lurh ~~~

everything back to 'normal' again lurh


holiday coming lurh ~ =DD (paiseh , i m always repeat the same thing )



have to finsih my hmk in this holiday

possible boh? LOL...

dunno ...hope loh....COMPLETE ALL HMK!!!

be hardworking a bit...

next exam dun cheat =DD

ops =X


enjoy ur holiday more important ~~ oh yea oh yea ^^

tml ==

got a 'lawatan' to zoo negara

for sivik project

they said have to help them sapu lantai or shit swt -.-'

wth lah....not feel like going leh wei....

yer...but wajib one worh...yer

haiz bo bian lah....--

gek sei me....

and today got a bit beh song sumone...

like she owned the whole SBPT's room jiang

screw her gao gao lek...

dun wan mention who lah...girl loh

'her' mah...heh heh

thn i gan gan complain to her boy

hahaha...how dare i m ~ =DD

wateva....juz telling what i wanna say... =P

and hor...

she is just a faker ~ ^^

awwwww , just pretending....make life simple can le ~ hohox

u guys sure curious about ..

y my computer spoiled d ...but i m posting everyday and online everyday

but hor...i online for less than 1 hours leh ok ? LOL..

and always steal my sis de computer==

yam gong de me ~~ but nvrm lah..can online can liao...

oh and another things ~

yesterday...i fetch ying, yan and er

HAHA~~so funny lah

i emergency brake mah...

thn the ying yan who siting behind sit geh...

screaming HAHAHAAH~~

thn i try the second time ngek ngek ~~

fun lerh ~~~


oh one more one more ,

what u said? u hate me a little bit?

but i have to tell u ..

i hate u more than u can imagine ! B.B

oh B.B stand for bastard - bitch

rmb be more gentlemen to all girls ah...

like gigolo =D

jia you ~


km ah km...

u very gud de i know... ngek ngek

dun kip secret from me la...

=P *sound so wrong *


ok la slip early ah ~ !! hahahaha


=DD mwahx luv u guys ~

p.s i wan cheong k and roller =D

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