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Friday, May 15, 2009


today i m soooooo mad....!!


1.SP damn HARD!!! paper 1 paper 2 same same...zzz

2.MY Sohxx STEP SISTER...after she came back,thn scold me...'nvr do housework ah? y washing mesin de clothes u haven hang de ah ?!' damn u lah...how i know inside got shirt ah? fck u

3.I hate my computer and phone very very much!! when i can get a new one !?

4.WTF? today that uncle 'gan zhu ee' wearing the hak qiu * sun glasses* driving a van...fetching a lot student....he totally look like my van uncle !! he said my car blocking the way?? DAM LAH!! my car kancil only lah..btr thn u VAN LAH!! fckfckfck!! if i m blocking the way,how come ur van still possible can move?!zzz

ARGH!! i think i might b PMS
if not y i m so that angry==
gek sei me..

i think its all bcuz my STEP SISTER
ben lai wan relax one...playing computer...listening music...aircond everything...
suddenly scolded by her...!! dulan...!!
i swear when i graduate i dwn see dao her...

and im so wanna let her know ...
i hate her soooo much!
i chat with u doesnt means i like u...biatch!!

bo bian,she have to stay and help my mum...so..

I have to b patience !! ZZ!!

evrything muz be patience!!

patience all the time !! ok?!

good for us u know?!


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