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Sunday, May 10, 2009

I love her <3
Problem Statement : What special day today is?

Aim : To determine what special day today is.

Hypothesis : Today is Mother's Day

Apparatus and Materials : Your Heart , Your Mouth , Your Family , Your breakfast

Procedure :
1. Wake up ealier , have breakfast with ur family
2. First , ready, and prepair
3. Use your mouth and your heart and wish 'Happy Mother's Day'
and ' I Love You' to your dearest mother...

(Skip the Presentation of data )

Conclusion : Your mother will buy u a laptop o handphone XD (jk lah)

er hem...

The conclusion is...

Your mother will deeply know that u love her and she is proud of you...and she will give u everything u wan just for you cause she love u too...

Happy Mother's Day

I Love You Mom

p.s HAHA,i read to much bio till sot d.. LOL..ok have to continue my revesion le =DD leave comment a!!

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