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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Guess what i m doing the whole afternoon? LOL..

not studying

not sliping

not watching tv program


i m playing computer ~~~HAHA
not play lah actually..

search thing loh...
what i search? neh....2 group of korean pop singers...

Let me intro =DD


SNSD aka girl's generation


and Tiffany ( the girl i like the most from SNSD)



And another group is Wonder Girls!

ya, that what i did in whole afternoon

LOL..acctually they very leng lui one leh..

is just their language we dont understand LOL..

but at least tiffany speak english well =DD


oh, and their dancing skill very geng u know?

both groups lah...GENG!! one word GENG!! i lurve dance geh singer de.. XD

OH!! fews pic haven uplaod...LOL...this time got DBSK geh =DD

hero and tiffany <3>

oh, gtg jor..


SEJARAH!! die die and die

nite everyone ~

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