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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ah~ what a bad Sunday!! zzz
ok...what hpn to me today...

i totally cannot accept what really hpn to me...

totally unlucky...

oh no?!


my computer....~~~spoiled ==

yea i know some of you sure thinking that

'daisei lah,let your computer on for 24 hours'

it's not that problem lah i think==

when i woke up...i watch movie in my computer..gossip girl =DD

and...finsih watching this...i got another movie geh

i downloaded from yesterday... Marley & Me

when i open it jor..i feel hungry..thn mah go make some milo and sumthing else==

so i pause it 1st~

then,when i was making milo...thn dunoo what hpn

i dun know what i touched

thn cause the fius got problem--

ok loh,nvrm..

but after i fixed it..

i re-on my super duper stupid old computer..

yea....can on...

but...comes out dunno what program thing..argh i oso dunno what was that...

try to restart, but still the same thing-- gek sei me..

AHHH~~~how could this happen to me?!~T.T

i cant even watch my movie d lah ~~~!! i like that show very much lah ~~


Mama, i dun wanna waste my money to repair this stupid computer lah

waste my money ...==

now i'm using my sister's lap top online and blogging loh...

steal acctually...she dunno one ><

GOD~~~i think he wants me to study or wateva --

but i 'm pretty sure that it's a right timing that my computer spoiled!!

at least i can study bcuz i have ntg to do in my house accept my computer


i guess i will not online until the end of the exam days..

ohhh,kinda hard for me...

i think i will die soon if without my computer

AHHHHHHHHH, but i can post geh...

maybe...i can get a new phone and new computer sekali gus???


if can de hua...i will happy till i die...seriouly...


so sad ...my computer~~~~~

yesterday i was trying to read my sejarah,

but i dont understand lah...--

and cant memorise oso...!!

damn it le...i dont deserve to be a student...LOL

science class de tim--

bless me lah ..~

p.s i will post de dun worry...even i dwn online...=DD

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