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Sunday, April 5, 2009

yesterday...finally sing dao k jor...

oh my purse~ so cham...bcom smaller and smaller =X

cuz yest...after roller...thn got cheong K then watch movie...

i know what movie i watch yesterday? THE FAST AND FURIOUS 4 AH!!!!OMG OMG ~~



luv her so much ~~~so yeng lah she ~~ ^^

but hor...the movie...cut a lot jor lorh...and i started to hate this country tim

ppl wan see that scene de mah =DD

spent my whole saturday with sheng wei and ka siong == from 8.30 till 10.30 O.O

haha...yest was very fun...kekex

*but nid some sacrifice geh* MY MONEY~~~T.T

and ah== roller there hor...got 3 couples da K lo==

ZD!! got one girl is from our skul de tim...cannot say lah of cuz LOL

but they quite enjoy de loh== Zzz lol..i saw a lot leng lui there o that day hahaha


today went out with ken ,ky and fmc... LOL

watch movie lah sure.....'knowing'...bu chuo loh...that movie...LOL

very qi gek one...heh heh..

but oso bored loh..i dunno y..

mayb....bu am gua...haha


i met my primary's school friend....neh..that may qi and Ing lol...

tat mayqi so bad to me...LOL....heng..=DD


AHH...stop thinking that way plz?

its happened..but obviously its not exactly what u thinking ..

when its gonna end? sienz lah all these things...

lazy to k liao..accept YOU!BITCH!!!

study study study study!!! better =D

ah.......ltr have to done all my hmk jor !!!
and scaring tml got oral tim...LOL..

monday again ~~hope it will end soon...too much stress jor..

plz dont kip adding stress on me..a normal student cannot tahan de u know? XDXD

p.s i know u came to my blog..i know de bitch...sumday u have tosay sumthing to me de...and what i said this few days ' stop attracting me plz ~~~! '

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