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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Not bad..not bad ~

those shortcut..LOL?

continue orh...jia you ~~


what a Saturday ~~~

got school mah...can see dao u ' guys ' ....

oh..about all the test we took today..

chemistry , sp and math..

we learned to mengamalkan sikap berkerjasama..tiru ~~ HAHA

ntg special today loh..juz..a bit...u know? weird...

cause i knew jor ...so that y i got that feeling == swt|||

Night, we went to play snooker...
i saw those guys very geng loh..
kinda yeng geh wor? i wan !!! but...girl went to that kind of place..very dangerous geh..

play jor 2 hours++ thn go back lorh...cacat== what a normal day..==

OH GOT! ka siong gor teach us how to solve the magic cube lorh...
but we still blur blur lorh...haha..

----OH..exciting to know what u guys gonna say next ...haha *clap clap*

come on ~ =DD

----KEE YIN TML GO SING K~~~ i cannot go erh.... sad ~

----tml haf to work again...UGH! damn it ...sien sei loh...

---- *i wont scold ppl jor geh i promise *

---- what he said is...TAHAN!!! EEEEEEEMMMMMMMMGGGGG!!! SAM FU KAP =DD

---- End

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