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Thursday, April 9, 2009

now what i need is TIME..

u know?! TIME!!!

always rushing...always got no time like that...

mid year exam coming tim...


what a mess...

ahh...i cant handle it liao lorh...cant even control jor..

out of control XD


have no time to blogging tim ah...

currently thinking to form a study group with ka siong them..HAHA

what we wondering is...what if we chatting all the time ? LOLx

Hmm..what he said is true ? changed a lot meh? dunno ~

what i know is...now i having a lot problem jeh..

OH..AND i promised William that i will try to not type short form..

Because he said hard to understand =P paiseh ..


NO~ KEAT MING~~ abnormal is happening!!!! zzz

Time Time Time Time...

oh yea...and i don't care what did u said about me...
i dontgive it a damn..zz

and i feel like going to cheong k lerh....haiz...

haiz...how good if u staying with me ~~ *dreaming*


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