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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i miss him
When i finish my Psk's homework,it's about family tree lah!

it makes me think about him

suddenly feel so sad that he is gone..

for 3 years already...

but doesn't means i forget him or not missing him anymore...

i always do...

i always thinking about him n i hope ..

he is always beside me..

My father and my mum..i love them very very much...





Do u realise that u r the one who they HATE the most?..

One day u will know and regret..

Cmon lah..don't pretend that u r dai kar jie ok? God.. zz



ok..i know i have to stop ...

ok..let's talk about today...
hmm..TODAY AH!! ALOT TEACHER ABSENT AH!!! mwahaha ...
so shuang... =DD
Actually i wan to go club geh..too play snooker ==
But..i put 'A'..cuz hor...no one fetch...and cannot drive oso |||

NO CAR!!! I WAN CAR!!!!!!!! ARGH!

then go pasar malam lorh...with ken n kwai yean== (always the same ppl) =P
then i fetch them go back lorh ~~ ^.^
and am am a police car pass by ...infront me !! scary man!! =/
lucky nvr get caught..if not...
kena RM300 for nvr wear seat belt..
and my mum going into jail for 24 hours...cuz i dun have license
*phew~* god bless me LOL alehlujah



Oh..i love blonde!!! toally in luv with blonde hair girl =XX (admire lah i means)

heh heh...

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