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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

GROW UP !! 200CM++++!!
wow..what a tuesday==

bo bian, yest mid night only sleep
today very tired,thn dwn go school lorh..
bcoz of all those stupid homework


sej note,sej latihan ah,pj note
hvn done all yet ah==
ltr have to finish it...today muz finish!!


Eh, today hor...
hao xiang got some metting !!
wanna know what happen leh..

* 8-ing*

She told me hor..
'very cacat lo' LOL..

*shake head* dunno~

we hope that the 'meeting'

going well?



aiya!! dont keep saying 'deng' lah
i sked ur lung will kena damage if u keep saying that word

i said d lorh,both of u shuld....GROW UP! from 150+cm to 200cm++
(just an example LOL..takkan lah girl can tall untill 200cm o.O )

p.s deng lei goh fai =DD


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