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Friday, April 10, 2009

today..went to ka siong's house...for what?

STUDY LAH!! wat else? ==

stupid kitty lah...zzz..

sumthing i knew accidently

pretty annoying , bad n funny too LOLX

nvrm lorh...like what my uncle said...there is a lot people outside ...

and i get tired of these thing already..so~

wont affected by those tedious thing geh~ ==

oh yea,it was a 'C' not 'S'...so remember to change the word what u wrote orh ~


what i learned today is...
..ADDMATH.....erm...no problem jor gua?
sc pertanian? == suan le bah...*shake head*

KA SIONG I HATE U!!!! because ur house ~ (jkjk)
hate rich people d ~hahahaha~
oh and the BIG BIG MIRROR!! ARGH~~~ heng...unfair~ =PP

WOW...i m waiting for holiday a~~~~ =DD

p.s not bad wor, smart ass ~ see next time what u will say sin =DD i m lookin foward ..sei lo become my hobby jor tim... @@

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