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Friday, April 3, 2009

Before u said i small gas...(today i only knew u said that)

u have to think about it...

if ur thing lost...but that person makes ur thing lost nvr apologise..

u will angry or not?

its the same lah...! !

u know what? u should imagine that u was me...

and think what i m feeling now...

and u have no right to say anyone small gas ..

cause u dun even have a brain....to think!


the fantastic things that i nvr saw b4...

the person can chg her/his face sooooo fast when she/he talking to the person she/he behsong

its like...one side she/he is laughing thn when she/he talk to the person that she/he behsong..


G.O.D pro..


tml go roller again == with that sheng wei (who addicted to roller ) *not sure de lah*

today he kip thinking what to wear..

but all he wanna wear for tml is totally LALA geh..hahaah

he ask me and kahmun dress like lala loh...choi him dou soh==

going to pokai loh...no money...!

aiyoyo...gek sei me...


my pronouciation got prob jor...

jiang hu (glue) pronouce dao jiang you (kicap)==

cacat liao loh....zzz

juan qian (donate money) bcome juan quan (????)



btw...the fast and furious 4 is SHOWING~~~~~~~


i wan watch that movie lah!!!!who can pui me ?=D

if i m not wrong...it's 18+ de movie.....hao xiang lah ><

ala ala i dun k lah i wan watch it ~~~~~!!!!!!!! T.T


today a lot ppl absent o...

one word SIENZ...all go bai shan ...hahaha

who born in year 1993 de....saturday go bai shan not very gud o ~~

*remind yi xia * hahahaha collina told me geh...i dunno de ~ ><


1/4/09...i absent...lol....
april fool oso...
my uncle ben lai wan sms me and tell me
' ur school GOT BOMB EH!!EXPLODE JOR EH!!die jor 23 ppl and 16 missing..but ying still ok...'
i zd liao loh?
my uncle mention that ying still ok loh....
if he tell me the MR.Yan die jor...i sure happy geh...haha

and i lie to my mum oso...
i said..
'huh? u got bf jor ah?reli ah?'
'yea lah...lie u for what..i got bf jor lah...'
'WAH?intro me sumday ah ' LOL....zd zd zd XD~

wow today my post quite long de loh...paiseh >.<


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