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Saturday, March 21, 2009

School Reopen jor T.T
juz came back from tuition...BIOLOGY!! T.T

so tired lorh...cuz yesterday 1am only went to da bed...and argue with my mum..not very serious nia...>.<

YESTERDAY ROLLER!!!hoho...quite fun geh....less people...cause can speed mah...

At first i tot kiat and ka yao not coming geh...cause tell put my aeroplane yesterday MIDNIGHT like 4.30am o.O..kinda piss off geh...but stil got Jackson's gang mah..

never went out with them b4...accept kee boon and sheng wei and rui ming lah..then follow them without my gang lorh...LOL...

Then, we play till half....kiat and ka yao 'suddenly appear' LOL haha..scared me..>.<

and... I SAW HIEW YIK KHONG! (dunno whether got spell wrong or not><) he is one of my primary school's friend...LOL...kinda shock when i saw him...

Ahhh..yest learned few skill- speeding and crab *weee~*

p.s DONT HAVE BLUE BLACK~~~~~muahahaha =P

Ah...have to finsih my homework anyways....so see ya ~ >.< sry no picture again




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