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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dark makes me feel affraid
Today....hell yea...i nvr turn off the lights...

doesnt means i try to destroys~~~the earth LOL

i just scared dark when i m alone...

lonely always...haha =DD

yan very cham loh....keep asking by her frens the same question..

'u got turn off the lights mah?' so she totally feel annoying about all these question..haha


today got koko...1st i got a MISSION to jemput those VISITORS....and i saw pn.nosham today...LOL....cuz its her school's teacher coming to our skul ==

AND THEY LATE!!!!! make me rush here rush there...

1st,i wearing my pengawas uniform...thn chg to PBSM's uniform to take photo...AND change back to my pengawas uniform==

and monday have to do the same thing again ~~AH!

AND the MR.YAN is the group leader OSO!! group 6 tim....!! he will dipecat not long i tell u ....wtf==.....screw him...

today...was SUCK!! i dont like all those thign hpned today...was totally SUCK!!

stop attracting me ....i m scaring...abnormal things is bothering me..

i hate my form 4 life even those senior said form 4was honey moon's year..






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