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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Come on ~ ladies
for your ur good man...dont you get it?

WAH...today was totaly insane at tuition center...playing those 'guns' Mr.Chin geh..CHILDISH but quite fun geh hahahaha

and those sohai behind me was so~ annoying.....ugh....slap all of them ah..if i can..*pui*

Erm..tml have visitor~~~~visit our skul lah of cuz ~SMKBBSL ==

Nic and me in the same group lorh....have to incharge 10 + person lorh...LOL..

and we got free lunch =DD yay~~save money lah..LOL

so....tml we can skip class ngek ngek...(most important is english oral) HAHAHA

sry loh bunny cuz i cant accompany you....zhee foong can lerh ~XD

Ahhhh....have to iron my uniform ~EH!!tml muz wear bracer lah~~~

MY GOD LAH~~~~~~~~SO UGLY~~~~== gek sei me ==

april got test again== gila or not? HAIZ!!!

nitez everyone....have a nice days


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