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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Boring D.a.y
Haiz...today was totally boring !! cause i have ntg to do at my mum shop ~

but i realize sumthing....that...MY MUM NVR CHECK THE PRICE WHEN SHE BUY SUMTHING

o.O she said:'i nvr check the price de lorh...i always like that de lah'

my sis reply:'WHAT?u tot u very rich?!'

i said:'yes...she is rich anyways..i guess?'

LOLx....kinda unbelievable...==

yaya...i brought homework along oso...BUT!!...i still hvn finish it yet ||| haha paiseh


i think i shuld go now...== pack ma bags......iron my uniform....always the same thing i have to do de lah ...this is what i call STUDENT~ LOL study, eat n slip




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