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Monday, March 30, 2009

today spent my whole school day at the bilik kesihatan with pris,sue ann and chee chuen ==

acctually i was bertugas-ing..then chit-chat with them >.<

and learn some cara pembalut..haha..and talk about sumone's gossip..LOL..is a 'HIM'

i will try ma best to not let HIM to be the pengerusi of PBSM ..and the leader of pengawas too...*obviously u guys know who i m talkin about jor lorh*

haha..so this is what i did school's day today..lolx



dunno last week or last week ah..

i heard that she say wont tuition at ikhlas jaya de lorh..

and then hor,today heard dao she told aunty to fetch her...==

totally zd lorh...~~

cause that day she said ' ikhlas suck ah...blabla' wateva..LOL..

very funny de loh...*laugh out loud~*


so happy!~ seems that i mistaken already haha...=DD

hope i can fix it lorh ~ as soon as possible lah har...XD


and i hate her...more than last time...

and Mr.Yan..still very yong sui...||| cursing him @.@

bang by car sumday ah or whatever lah...(evil i know)

i said jor...STOP ATTRACTING ME!!!


nite nite


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