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Thursday, February 19, 2009

What A busy Day
Wah ! today very busy...for doing those keceriaan thing...
For my Own class good u know? i dont wan kena 'kelas yang paling kotor' like 4K =D
i m so happy that 4K kena...dont know why~
i guess is bcuz yew jin is in that class?plus he is the monitor ~HAHA dun mad at me ah 4K's ppl =P
*so means*

BUT~!i reli hope we wont kena lah....hamdulilah ~ pray pray pray ~!

and a lot homework oso ~! keep salin from Hui Yu =D
bo bian la...busy people is like that de wua ~wakakaka

Oh...today Bunny seem so moody .. and i dont know why..
and Zhee Foong keep asking me why...
reli haiz...i will sad if Bunny moody, dont know y?
maybe i scared she mad at me or BS me sumthing...ahhh~

TEST!!!open book TEST!!!!~~next week ~ ma ma T.T
GUD LUCK everyone ~


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