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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thanks You Angeline MUACKS~
What a Good Day ~ althought i felt sleepy n tired today ~

but i m so..........gam dong ~~haha cause Angeline belanja us....(got picture one bu lazy uplaod paiseh )

quite expensive leh...imagine lah.... 3 person me,angeline and yew jin 3 person

each person got steak,latte,mocktail,cappucino~~ guess how much it is? =X

anyways....she got reason de lah ~ talk about church thing ~ quite interesting =D

i think i will 'bcome' a christian someday ~

but i think i really got no time to go church...cause my mum punya hal T.T~haiz

so loh ~


today open book test....the science pertanian and MM ~~GEK SEI ME~ *fainted*

the subject that i cant finish the question in 1 hours o.O how sad.... nvrm loh

i noob mah ~~ haiz...dun wan talk about this anymore...gek sam ~

ntg to type ~ haiz
bye (what a lame blog hor? bo bian >.<)


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