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Monday, February 23, 2009

oh my god ~~
i totally suffering when i work on Saturday and Sunday...T.T
i work until VERY VERY tired...totally exhausted....
and today-Monday !~ Hmmmm...yea..obviously i absent and never go to school today =DD
and i just came back from Ipoh....because yesterday I was went to ipoh..with my mummy and uncle== to get her don't know what important's paper back==

HAHA~so is a good chance for me to stay home AND relax~~~=DD
consider as ponteng boh??not right>.<
later have to prepair for my open book test tomorrow..~ kinda nervous...LOL
scared FAIL u know?LOL...

i can imagine today sure got a lot homework...(i got homework gave by last week pun haven done juga) Ugh~~~but i wish that today don't have any work from any subject== cause start from tomorrow we got test ~^-^ *think too much*

i m waiting my classmate for telling me....whether which class got the 'kelas yang paling kotor'~~i hope that wasn't my class ~~~~== cuz i hvn finish ceriakan my class T.T

AHHHHH ~~i shuld stop wondering those sap sap sui's thing =)
if not i will go crazy 'again'!
see u guys ~~~


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