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Sunday, February 1, 2009

U noe what?
i bu shuang u d loh
noe u for few years d...
i noe what kind of person u are...
yes~everyone said that u vry 'CUTE' and 'GENTLE' wateva =='
i can tell u that...
a r FAKER (just my opinion not others)

of cuz i noe every guy is the same...but...u r the most JIN GAK that i ever met
CIS!GARAM betul ==
suan....we not best fren anymore...jus normal fren...
and i dun haf a best fren like u....
and just kip following ur new 'GIRLBesFren'
but u btr dun b so happy ...cuz i m not jealousing or sumthing

EVEN ur brother was better thn u like 1000000000x
dun talk bad about ur EX-bestfren oso...ntg diff....is the same
(the same KIND of BOY oso zzzz )

that all i can say

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9:04 PM