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Friday, January 23, 2009

HOW SUPRISE???!?!?!?!
noe what???
now only I i noe that i got a leng zai cousin o.O *dun reli noe whether is my cousin or not><*
he is my big brother's wife's brother's wife's brothers!!!!
just added him in fs...but i sure he dunno who m i
and he dun even c me b4 LOL!!
he pro in dancing too ^0^
wan see his picture or not?? keke

ok lah i post it....hope he won mind when he visited my profile ><

'sry =D for using ur pic to popular my profile wor '

*but dunno he will visit my profile or not lah ~ heheh*

plz leave a comment if u visit my blog yarh =XX

yea its him =D how was it?^^


ok d lah~enuf le~ltr he get angry cuz COPYRIGHTED XD



ah~today vry sien lah~but our skul got perfomance
and sumone put aeroplane ~
but nvrm~i got collina =DD


my big brother juz came baq from Johor~
so i went to dinner wif family ltr ~
and i took some pic of my baby ^^ acctually is my bro's son lah =DD

hehe~little handsome here~hao hao

hoho~cute lerh?

haiz but they going baq today oso ~ T.T
byebye to my baby hao hao lurh ~~


ok lorh~wan go dinner d lorh ~^^

c ya~


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